Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Service Company

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Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Service Company

You may have ceiling sprinklers installed in your office, business, or restaurant enterprise. If so, you’re fortunate, because sprinklers save lives and protect property. In less time than it typically takes the fire department to arrive at the scene of a fire, sprinklers often contain it. Sprinklers are always at the ready, reacting to temperatures that are higher than normal and working quickly to douse flames that might otherwise spread throughout the building.
However, many times we forget to adequately maintain sprinkler systems, taking them for granted. Do you know if your sprinklers will activate if a fire breaks out? If your sprinklers were installed several years ago, it’s likely they are no longer under warranty. Fortunately, you can turn to companies in Ontario that provide expertise in fire safety. These companies have skilled personnel who install, maintain, and repair sprinkler systems of all kinds.


Safety First!


Sprinklers are often a part of an integrated fire safety system that includes other components such as the following:

  • A Fire Safety Plan. This plan provides employees with a step-by-step guide of what to do if a fire breaks out. It should include an evacuation plan and feature fire drills for practice.
  • Alarms. Sprinklers are often tied to an alarm system. Newer systems include both light and sound to alert people in the building, and many contact EMS immediately.
  • Extinguishers. Extinguishers placed strategically can help put out small fires before they become a problem.
  • Exit and Emergency Lights. These are often required by law and help employees, residents, or clients to evacuate during an emergency.
Many of these elements are mandatory under provincial and federal fire codes. If you need help to sort out what you need to meet requirements and provide adequate protection, a fire safety company expert will come in to assess your situation and make recommendations or work with you to develop a comprehensive plan.


These experts can also train you in the use of your existing devices or install new fire safety equipment.


Preventing Fires


Of course, the best way to avoid damage and injury from fire is to prevent fires before they happen. Fire safety experts can also come to talk to you about this and have a look around your workplace or property. Some things to consider include the following:

  • Electrical system. Check to make sure that all wiring is up to code. Never use any appliance with a frayed or damaged electrical cord.
  • Smoking area. If you have a smoking area inside or outside the building, make sure that cigarette butts are extinguished and deposited in a safe container.
  • Flammable materials. Ensure that all flammable material is stored safely and kept away from heat sources.
  • Exits. Never block exits with machinery or furniture.
  • Appliances. Unplug any heat-producing appliances.
  • Ventilation. Make sure that office machinery or other machines that need to have air circulating around them have adequate ventilation.
  • Intruders. Work to keep unauthorized persons out of the home and workplace.
  • Machinery. Clean and maintain machinery regularly.
  • Wardens. Appoint employees as fire wardens to be vigilant about removing fire hazards.
Protect the people and places you care about. Be smart about fire safety: contact a fire sprinkler service company today.


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